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Male personal development — resources

Most of our customers are tech executives in their 25s-40s, who are interested in incorporating a more holistic approach to their lives and businesses. Many of them believe that exploring their feminine side is part of their spiritual growth. Our awarenow guides work with them to support them in their self-discovery and self-mastering journey.

To explore the concept of modern masculinity, we talked to Bryant Galindo.

Bryant is a conflict resolution expert and founder of Workplace Collaborations. He helps startups solve internal conflicts and create a culture of collaboration.

Bryant understands the importance of embracing his feminine side.

Bryant is the leader of an organization called “The Hero’s Movement.” 


He organizes retreats to address what it means to be a man by looking at different areas such as psychology, ancient wisdom, and fitness. He also told us that he has a strong feminine side, which has helped him in his work with women. You can check his interview to know more about his work.

Bryant shared with us some resources (publications, organizations, influencers) for male personal development, that can help you start your journey of self-discovery, understand how the concept of masculinity is evolving, and explore your feminine side.

We also invite you to consider booking a session with one of our awarenow guides to have some support in your exploration.


This publication explores the world of men by tackling the issues and questions that are most relevant to men’s lives — without shying away from controversial topics. They want to challenge the common notion of what a “real man” must be.

The mission of this publication is helping men become better people. They share inspiring content and experiences, and they want to create a community that can support you in your self-discovery journey.


The Hero’s Movement

We have mentioned the organization above. This is a network of men who want to explore what it means to be human, through conscious education, mindfulness, and other practices. It is a community of men supporting one another. Bryant is the leader of this organization.

This is a global brotherhood of nonprofit charitable organizations, that has a presence in more than 21 nations. They conduct programs to help men go through the different stages of their lives. The goal is empowering men to make a difference in the lives of others.

The mission of this organization is connecting and training male leaders. They want to create a supportive community that helps men discover their full potential and teach them to lead with joy and compassion.

The Modern Man

This a Facebook group. It is a community created by men for men. The mission is providing a safe space where men can express their emotions and feelings without being judged. Here, they can find men who are going through similar experiences and support one another.

Whole Hearted Masculine

This organization wants to help men discover who they really are by exploring the power of healthy vulnerability. The mission is creating a new expression of masculinity that includes an openness to showing emotions and experiencing intimacy.

This organization teaches men how to embrace their loving and kind self. The founder believes that through this process of self-discovery, men can truly be free. He developed a podcast and a 5 Day Freedom Collection which includes five core lessons for men.

Awakening Masculinity

The mission of this organization is guiding men through their journey of self-discovery to help them understand what it means to be a man, today. The founder focuses on Embodied Living, Conscious Relationships, and New Earth Brotherhood — Fatherhood.

This is an organization that helps people connect with others. They share simple steps to approach people even if you are shy. If you sign up, they will send you daily tips to help you build connections and achieve success.


Robert Schwenkler is one the founders of “The Brotherhood Community,” that we mentioned above. He leads men’s workshops internationally and also offers private sessions. You can follow his personal journey on his blog.

Joshua Hathaway created “No Bullshit Communication,” a box of practical tools to help you use the power of language without limiting patterns of thinking and behavior that block your creativity and prevent you from achieving your goals.

Travis Roznos helps men transform burnout into a process of personal development and professional mastery. Travis teaches men how to feel more in tune with their emotions using yogic methodologies and other practices.

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