Saturday, Dec 26, 2020

Holiday Special: Hindsight is 20/20

Often our tears of joy are reaped through songs of gratitude.

Life can be challenging and this year brought about more complex challenges that impact our health on a global scale. In fact, the year raised so many examples of how much eco-health impacts us all on so many levels; economically, financially, socially, physically, emotionally. No stone was left untouched this year. Even our spiritual foundations of what we hold true and dear were tested as we all went through a differing array of emotions through this 2020 pandemic.

As the year winds down, it is easy to gasp for air as we may feel the closing of this year will birth a sigh of relief. Hope of better to come on the horizon often leaves us motivated to get up and try again. While this attitude is of great value, it is also important to remember that with each rising sun, new challenges will come. How we choose to face them is important, but the often overlook element of how we learn from them and put this to our benefit and the benefit of others is just as, if not a more vital element to ponder. We know we have the potential to grow from our circumstances. The weather marks of our bruised hands reflect the many thorns we may have had to grab onto to get us to this point, but without the moment of gratitude from what may have seemed to be a hindrance, we will miss the beauty of our triumph, the grace of our blessing and the solitude found with knowing that our circumstances led to a sharpening of our sword. Yes, we are wiser, stronger, and more resilient with each passing of a conquered battle, challenge, or even defeat. Yet, when we forget to take a moment to reflect, reassess, and sit in stillness within an atmosphere of gratitude, the lessons are missed and an expanded perspective is not gain. In this everchanging world, we cannot afford to become stagnated by our own self-limiting beliefs or stubbornness to grow. We must take the stance of appreciation towards every situation, for when we do so, our light radiates brighter and our ability to influence others extends beyond our words. People model the behaviors that see. When you have come out of the flames and fire standing stronger, taller, and more refined, our character shows a reflection of who we truly are at our core and our actions and attitudes will be present for others to model. We have the power of influence, which of course starts with the actions and attitudes we model from our mirror reflections of self-worth, self-awareness, and extensions of grace.

What will your hindsight vision of 2020 be going forward?

Will it show that despite the unexpected, the unique challenges and possible moments of defeat, the character of a bold, confident and empowered woman who has a positive perspective not covered by falsies of Pollyanna, but rather drenched in the overflow of abundance found within the cracks of the crumbling sidewalk? Will you choose to stand firm in your understanding that even in the saddest of moments, you can find a lesson for which only you were destined to teach, a message only your mess could have prepared you to preach or an eye-opening example of how even in the worst of circumstances, joy and gratitude can be found and grace extended.

With age, often comes wisdom and maturity. So, this lesson I have learned, and although I know your wisdom around the subject is every present, with the dark shadows seemingly present to loom over the lamps of so many life-giving people this year, I wanted to be that small voice reminding you to choose to extend grace for the goals you may not have achieved, to extend kindness to those who may not have been present in the way you expected them to be, to allow yourself the space to mourn for those who you may have lost during this time of confusion, relinquish the fear of the unknown, and be open the truth that even with everything going on, small blessings still filled our hearts, our hands, and our plates, no matter how differently it came, this year.

Wishing you a moment of serenity this holiday season. For our perspectives and our health for forever intertwined; for this reason, I hope you choose an attitude of life.

Lashanda Lee, NBC-HWC
Eco-sustainable Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, MS & TS-RYT

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