Monday, Apr 8, 2019

Complimentary emotional support for people affected by the fires

California is burning, and unfortunately, the trend doesn’t seem to stop.

In the last years, California has been impacted by several deadly wildfires. In the fall of 2017, the Golden State was devastated by two fires: the Nuns fires affected the wine country, and the Thomas fire impacted the Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. These fires were considered, respectively, the most destructive and largest wildfires in California’s history.

But things got worse in 2018. Unfortunately, the Camp Fire gained the title of the deadliest fire in California’s history. The Camp Fire started on November 8th in Northern California. It killed more than 70 people, and more than 10,000 homes were destroyed. Together with the Woolsey fire, it burned more than 200,000 acres.


Climate change isn’t helping. The lack of rain, high temperatures, and strong winds have been contributing to the fast expansion of fires. Most of California’s hottest fires have burned since 2000–13 out of 20 total fires that affected the State. Experts say that roughly 5.4 percent of the state has burned just in the past five years.

The devastation doesn’t end with lost lives, and burned acres — the emotional scars are affecting thousands of people who lost their loved ones and their homes. Emotional support is essential after trauma. Survivors may develop emotional issues, such as anxiety, anger, sadness, survivor’s guilt, or PTSD. They may have issues with sleep or experience trouble with their personal and professional relationships.

At awarenow, we understand the importance of emotional support during difficult times. Both our co-founders are earthquake survivors. Alina Trigubenko miraculously survived an earthquake in Kamchatka, Siberia, during an expedition. Suren Avunjian survived an earthquake in 1988 in Armenia — where over 80.000 people died.

Alina and Suren experienced what it means to lose everything, and they feel close to the wildfire survivors. Our founders feel the urge to support survivors during these difficult times — they want to offer free counseling sessions on our platform. We are the only marketplace that has a curated global network of pre-screened certified integrative care professionals, coaches, and therapists who come from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.

We want to support wildfires survivors, by providing them with all the help they need — so they can rebuild their lives. We invite all certified holistic health & wellness practitioners (coaches, therapists, guides) to donate some of their time to those affected by the fire. We gather integrative care professionals on our network and allow them to provide emotional support via our secure telewellness platform awarenow.

If you are a certified holistic health & wellness practitioner (coach, therapist, counselor) and feel the urge to support others, please apply at www.awarenow.io.

Easy steps:

1. Sign up > become a guide.

2. Fill in your profile and choose “fire relief” as one of the tags.

3. Set first free session.

4. Share your personalized awarenow profile with your networks so people know you’re available for help

For questions, ideas, feedback please email us at help@awarenow.io.

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