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10 Important Signs You Need to Get a Coach in Your Life

One thing that is common amongst highly successful people is that they all have coaches, either in their personal or professional life.

Sports professionals have coaches, as do entrepreneurs, executives, working professionals and individuals. There are many types of coaches today and they include:

  • Health and nutritional coaches.
  • Relationships coaches.
  • Business coaches.
  • Leadership or executive coaches.
  • Financial coaches.
  • Sales coaches.
  • Sports coaches.

It is rare for people to achieve remarkable success on their own. The term “self-made” is often a fallacy because no one achieves anything without either learning from someone or getting help from others.

I’ve had many coaches and mentors over the years who’ve helped me gain more clarity on what’s important to me. My coaches have also steered me in the right direction when things have not gone well or when I did not achieve a particular outcome I expected.

10 Signs You Need to Get a Coach

Although coaches are widely recognised as being valuable, sometimes people may not be aware why getting a coach will be beneficial to them. Here are ten signs that indicate why we should work with a coach.

1. You lack clarity. Lack of clarity often results in a lack of progress. When we don’t have clarity, things don’t seem to flow for us and we struggle. Coaches can guide clients to clarify what’s important to them through various questioning techniques and processes.

2. You feel stagnant or stuck. Feeling stuck is not a good place to be because it can affect our outlook on life. A coach can help a client get unstuck by guiding them to create clear visions and set goals to achieve what they want.

3. You find it hard to stay motivated. We all lose motivation at some point. If we’re not careful, those periods of low motivation can become behavioural patterns which can create serious long-term challenges. Coaches can inspire and motivate clients to take action as required.

4. Your results have plateaued. Even though we may be doing things to get ahead in life, sometimes we struggle to go beyond a certain level. Coaches can provide clients with different strategies or tactics to have a breakthrough and go to the next level in their results.

5. You don’t consistently follow through. Lack of accountability is a big reason why people don’t achieve what they want in life. Coaches can work with clients to identify the action steps they need to take to achieve their goals, then hold them accountable for achieving those goals.

6. You want new perspectives. Often, we get caught up doing things in certain ways because we’ve been doing them that way for a long time, without considering different options. Coaches can provide new insights, ideas, or tips to make improvements quickly.

7. You don’t have a plan to get to where you want to be. Having clarity on what we want is a great first step, but it’s not enough. If we don’t have a plan to get to where we want to be, then it’s highly unlikely we will get there. Coaches work with clients to create a plan relevant to what they want to achieve.

8. You procrastinate. Procrastination is often a sign of lack of clarity. When we are clear on what we want and what we need to do, then we’ll be in a much better position to take actions to move us closer to what we want. When working with a coach, procrastination will not be an issue for a client anymore.

9. You lack self-confidence. Lack of confidence often arises because we don’t know how to do something. If we lack knowledge, skills or experience to achieve a particular result, we will find it challenging to make progress quickly. Coaches instills new beliefs and self-confidence in clients and challenges them to move forward.

10. You know you can do better than you are. Sometimes, we get to a point in life where we know we can do a lot better, but we don’t know why we aren’t. Coaches can guide clients through a self-discovery process and help them become aware how they can improve. 

No matter what stage in life we’re in, there’s always room for improvement. As human beings are naturally programmed for growth, having people to guide us along the way can be extremely beneficial.

While there is nothing wrong with not having a coach, chances are we will continue to achieve results at a particular level. Coaches can help us take our lives to a new level.

Action Step: Choose one area of your life that is important to you. For example, it could be your finances. Ask yourself: Is my finances where I’d like it to be? If the answer is no, then perhaps it’s time for you to consider getting a financial coach.

Question: What could be another sign that shows you need to get a coach?

Neel Raman
Performance and Achievement Coach

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