Monday, Apr 8, 2019

Got affected by the wildfires? Get complimentary emotional support ❤

At awarenow, we understand the importance of emotional and psychological help, especially in difficult times. This is why we’re putting together a complimentary wildfire relief emotional support campaign.

If you were affected by the fire, please sign up on awarenow and enter FIRERELIEFas an invite code to get complimentary coaching sessions.

The devastation doesn’t end with lost lives of beloved people, and burned acres — the emotional scars are affecting thousands of people who lost their loved ones and their homes. Emotional support is essential after trauma. Survivors may develop emotional issues, such as anxiety, anger, sadness, survivor’s guilt, or PTSD. They may have difficulties with sleep or experience trouble with their personal and professional relationships.

Our team of certified, vetted, integrative coaches is passionate about providing profound emotional help — anytime, anywhere via our secure and easy to use platform — awarenow. We speak many languages so your in-depth work can be in your native language.

If you know anyone affected, please refer them to awarenow and we will do our best to support them with the help of integrative care professionals.

At awarenow, we are on the mission to provide emotional relief to those affected by catastrophes. Our founder, Alina miraculously survived an earthquake and the subsequent landslide in Kamchatka, Siberia, during an expedition. Suren survived an earthquake in 1988 in Armenia — where over 80.000 people died. Our CTO, Alex was a refugee and experienced war and displacement.

We experienced what it means to lose everything, and we feel close to people endured disasters, and feel the urge to support survivors during these difficult times by organizing this campaign.

It’s crucial to process traumatic emotional experiences as soon as possible, and our community of heart-centered professional holistic health & wellness service providers can play an important role in the emotional wellbeing of those affected by the fires.

If you have any ideas or feedback, please let us know help@awarenow.io

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