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Best Eco-Friendly Gifts For Teens

Please note that for any use of the links provided, I will get a small commission at no expense to you for items purchased. Only links that will provide you true values, save you time, reduce your stress, bolster your health and support you and the planet through eco-holistic principles will be posted. Values are important. 

I love Christmas!

It is such a great time of giving and spreading love & cheer.

We even have the added bonus of getting to show loved ones we care through connection, extra time spent together, and yes at times, presents.

Personally, I feel as though Christmas is celebrated every day of the year through our actions. The act of gift-giving is great but I always have tried to make the gifts meaningful or mentally stimulating and beneficial for those whom I purchase them.

I have found that the more I learn about transitioning to an eco-holistic lifestyle, the more intentional my shopping habits are becoming and for certain items are more challenging, if impossible, to find. Let’s face it; this progressive movement to a more sustainable, ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and minimal lifestyle is challenging. Not all boxes for all products can be ticked and the transition, at least for me, has taken time.

Still, you do the best you can and get better as time progresses. One thing it has been time-consuming. And you know I feel time and people are the more precious of all, as neither is replaceable. I also believe in putting up the time to do things upfront so there is time saved for me or others on the backend. And that is where this blog comes in.

As a Stress and Health Recovery Coach whose focus is on serving women, I understand that being attentive to supporting ways to reduce stress for mothers is essential, especially those of you who are business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, or mothers with more than one obligation. So, I looked to find some great gift ideas for children and teens that would be fun or mentally stimulating.

So without further ado, here are the Top 5 Best Eco-friendly Gifts for your Kids this Holiday Season.

Top 5 Eco-Gifts For Kids

1.UP Eco-Friendly Happy Grand Piano In Black

This toy is for your little mastro to cultivate their music skills through fun interaction and play on their very own Grand Piano.

2. Pinball

A pinball machine made of wood! How cool is that? Seriously? This brings an eco-twist to an old classic. Enjoy the game with your kids without the toxins or plastic. Designed for kids 3 and older, this will be enjoyable for them as they continue to grow.

3. Eco-Friendly 2-In-1 Shuffleboard Game

Who doesn’t love a great game of shuffleboard? My son wanted to play shuffleboard more than go to the beach when we were in Hawaii. It is a great way for them to get up and move while having a good time. This has both disc flicking and shuffleboard.

4. Magnetic Board Game

This game is super creative. Two players battle to get a goal on their opponent’s side. Great for kids three and older, it is a great eco-friendly and non-electronic toy for play.

5. Eco-Friendly Fantasy Blocks

Blocks are always a great way for kids to play and build motor skills. This set takes it a step further and added the element of fantasy to boost imagination. WIth knight, a queen, and even a dragon, they will surely make your little ones light up with joy and adventure.

Top 5 Eco-Gifts For Teens

1.Stir It Up Turntable By House Of Marley

Who doesn’t love a good vinyl record? If you have a music-loving teen on your hands, this may be a great gift that will provide joy for years to come. Made from sustainable products such as bamboo and recyclable aluminum, with anti-skipping control, this is a gift they will never forget. Introducing them to the classic sounds of vinyl records and allowing them to mix up their own wonderful music creations will surely put a smile on all of your faces.

2. Positive Vibration 2 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones By House Of Marley

In keeping with the theme of music, these headphones are a great way to equip your teen with Bluetooth headphones crafted from FSC-Certified Wood and recyclable aluminum. With a 10-12 hour battery life, consider these as a lasting option as opposed to a cheap plastic pair that will break quickly. I’ve been there.

3. Get Together Mini Bluetooth Speaker By House Of Marley

This is the last music one, I promise. But seriously, they can use this for movies, music, or even for calming meditation. Another special by House of Marley, these mini speakers are equipped with two 2.5” woofers, a range of up to 15 meters, and 10 hours of play. It is a great option for any eco-focus family looking for a speaker solution.

4. Stone Paper Pocket Diary 3 Pack By A Good Company

It may sound silly but journaling is quite therapeutic and let’s face it, kids today have a lot to deal with. Teens especially face challenges are often, they are not always ready to talk. This is a way to allow them a release without them feeling as though you are being overbearing, possibly straining the relationship. It is simple, thoughtful and with a loving note to explains its purpose, you may be inviting them to open up to themselves through the pages of this recycled booked. Just a thought to consider.

5. Virutoso Satchel By Haiku

Last, but not least, a tote or bag is a great gift for a teen! Now, know that this was made from recycled plastic, but that’s plastic not in the sea. Your teen can use it for their books, or when they go out with friends, look stylish and know that their bag was made with eco-friendly principles for which your family stands. You may want to grab yourself one as well.

Hope you find what you are looking for and may your season be bright!

Lashanda Lee, NBC-HWC
Lashanda Lee, NBC-HWC
Eco-sustainable Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, MS & TS-RYT

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