Saturday, Nov 7, 2020

Eco-Health with Holistic Lee_Ep.2 - Why this Minicast?

What’s a Minicast?

A Minicast is a mini-podcast. As you have noticed, I do not do a 10-page long blog post or 50-minute videos. Just like with my other content, I want to serve you the best information in a smaller segment so you can get back to what’s most important to you: your family, your growth, your health.

Why Eco-Health?

Simply put, the focus of this blog and my coaching is Holistic Health. Eco-health is apart of that holistic approach to wellness. After all, our actions impact more than just our bubble. What we eat, how we dress, how well we take care of ourselves impact our community, our families, and even people we do not know. It impacts whether there are people being hurt to get the products you buy or the number of pollutants being created for the things we consume. I for one am not immune to mistakes or under some illusionistic perspective that we can have total control over every situation that happens as a trickle effect of our actions. Nor am I perfect (as perfectionism is an illusive term anyway). I am just on a journey to transition to a more eco-friendly, ethically sustainable, socially responsible, and self-accountable way of caring for myself, my family, and those within my sphere of influence.

So, no this is not me being judgemental to anyone. In fact, that is counterintuitive to my message & moto.

It is simply me seeking to help make our lives, health, and earth a better place, one small step at a time.

Every small action we take impacts more than just us. It is not about feeling guilty. It is about taking small actionable steps we feel comfortable with to help support a better life for ourselves and future generations. Small steps are best. Take it from me; I tried to go all-in and fell hard..it hurt. But now I understand that it’s about small steps of progress, not feeling shame or guilt, and pressing forward towards the end goal.

Together, we thrive better. It is too hard to take on the world, much easy to do one thing for our health and the wellbeing of our environment.

So, what’s the Point?

I will provide information and you take it for what it is worth; just information to help make informed decisions about your wellness that best suits your lifestyle, values, and virtuous principles.

Eco-health can and does impact you on a physiological level. My goal with this is to provide insight for ways to bolster your health and wellness by reducing your (dis)tress, maximize your time, improve your overall health and of course, help you shine your light.

If we are all intertwined and interconnected, let’s uncover the ways to best support our health. I will do the research and save you time. You can enjoy the ride! I am still learning to navigate the eco-part but each step I take brings fulfillment.

A special thank you for the beautiful photos by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash and macrovector on Freepik. For the cover image, thank you to Macrovector on Freepik again!

Lashanda Lee, NBC-HWC
Eco-sustainable Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, MS & TS-RYT

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