Wednesday, Jul 22, 2020

How Smart Women Self-Sabotage in 2 Surprising Ways

I have a theory that Bryan Davis confirms with this quote,

“Too much information will make your brain choke.”

Here's what the science says about goal-setting, only 8% of people who set goals actually achieve them.

The funny thing is, it’s not like people aren’t trying to achieve their goals – they are! If you're reading this, I bet you've been trying to as well and just not hitting the mark as you hoped.

How do I know this? Simple.

Let's say for example I do a search on Amazon.com for “Goal-setting,” I see about 10,000 books available. If I search Google for the same thing, there are about 1,290,000,000 results.

That’s how I know.

So, if there’s so much information out there about just goal-setting... and there’s such a clear desire for goal-setting... how come 92% of people still don't achieve their goals?

Say Hello to Information Overload

Here's the thing, you set a goal, you have good intentions, but when it’s time to hit the pavement and take action, you're stuck. You feel helpless when it comes to your ability to change your lifestyles or make sacrifices to achieve your goals.

Yikes! That can feel so scary.

You start distrusting yourself, you start second-guessing your goals and wondering what’s wrong with you that you can’t stick to a plan. You feel the self-sabotage, but you're doing so much to get to your goals.

Here’s why this is happening: you’re suffering from paralysis by analysis, aka, Information Overload!

If you’re having trouble reaching your goals, chances are you’re suffering from Paralysis by Analysis! 

You have all the information you need – in fact, you have wayyyyy more information than you need – and it’s stopping you in your tracks. Which way is really the best? Is time management truly a factor? Should I use a Power Hour? Strategy? Vision? Partner with someone like a coach? 

There are so many choices that you choose to... not decide!

Get Out of the Limbo

Tell me if this sounds like familiar:

“Wait, let me think it through. Things don’t have to line up perfectly. You know what, I know what my decision is. I'm just not gonna decide.”

Then you just don't make a choice!

Ultimately, you feel even more pain because it just delays the inevitable.

Is that you? Have you chosen not to decide? Or have you just accidentally gotten stuck in a limbo of too many options so you don’t take action because you’re overwhelmed?

You don’t have to stay stuck!

In fact, the simple reality that you clicked this blog post is a great first step toward your own goals. 

Take imperfect action. Get started and as you go each piece will fall into place. Take it from a recovering perfectionist!

If you're inner critic is feeding your indecision, then tame her today in my free mini-course "How To Tame Your Inner Critic"
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