Delores Diana Wielzen
Personal development, Intuition Mentor, Healing

I help with :
  • Holistic Health & Wellness
  • Personality & Self-Knowledge
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Female empowerment
  • Emotional wellbeing

The reason people choose me, is because my approach is intuitive and down to earth. These two aspects should always go hand in hand, in my view. My aim is to support my clients towards clarity and direction. While giving practical tools which they can apply in their daily life. I have a more than 10 years experience in the holistic field and personal development. My clients are generally: * business / busy women who are looking for a way how to navigate themselves with their sensitvity through a hectic environment. * people who have embarked on a personal / spiritual development path and are looking for someone who can guide them along the way. * Students and scholars who are on a verge of making significant life decisions. I am here to support and bring clarity . . .


My approach is to look at both the physical (embodiment) and the human energy fields. Guiding my clients to discover their own blockages and patterns. This way allowing the client to take ownership and resposibility of their own process, while I mentor them through it.

Location and language :

  • Europe/Madrid
  • English, Spanish


  • 8
  • Centre of Life and Intuition
  • 2013