AEsha Goins
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More about me

I have been coaching small businesses for over 18 years. In 2007 I was certified in a Real Estate program with Brian Buffini, We were trained to coach realtors to have 1 close and 2 escrows in 100 days. Since receiving training in the Brian Buffini program I have coached over 150 clients to their own personal success. I've used the learned coaching skills and adopted new ones to create journeys of love and mastery. In 2019 I got certified again with ICU Coaching academy and then went back during the pandemic to gain mastery in some of ICU coaching systems. My goal is to be certified as mediator by winter 2022


Of all the titles A’Esha Goins has earned during the span of her career, none have been more important than her role as a community stalwart. Her passion for enhancing the lives of those in her community has taken her to profound heights and set her on a trailblazing path. She founded Blackabis, a cannabis blog, to break the stigma Black people face around issues of cannabis use, decriminalization and legalization. She was integral in the development of the medical marijuana industry in Southern Nevada, specializing in operational logistics. In 2019, she founded Black Joy Consulting to fight for cannabis reform policies during the 80th Legislative Session. Her advocacy elevated her profile as she became widely known as “Coach Canna.” Expanding her advocacy outside legislative reform, Goins founded Cannabis Equity Inclusion Coalition (CEIC) - a 501 c(3) c(4) organization. Anchored in the principals of freedom, equity and opportunity CEIC focuses on bringing justice to the communities that were ravaged by the failed war on drugs. Goins has cultivated a core team of members that are expanding the reach of the work and the solutions they’re bringing to marginalized families in Las Vegas. Goins sits on the Community Advisory Board of Clark County and was recently appointed to the Governor’s Cannabis Advisory Commission Board where she was appointed to the first chair - an individual with demonstrated expertise in the area of criminal justice reform. When Goins isn’t busy serving her community, she enjoys spending time with her son, her family and her friends. Keep up with A’Esha on social media: @1CoachCanna

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